Dungeon maps

Dungeons are primarily 2 man or 5 man instances where players attempt to clear the boss to get good loot, story progression, or Fairyland Flash cards, which can be exchanged for prizes at an NPC in Jean Village

Current known Dungeons include:

Dead Lake (2) - For Job advancement and Jack's Storyline Progression, Easily Soloable.

Evil Heart Mansion (2) - Cinderella's story, for Pinocchio's Story Progression

Villa Cellar (5) - Pinocchio's Storyline, have a balanced team with someone that can dispel poison.

Crystal Mine (2) - Alice in Wonderland Storyline, difficult, but managable

Fog Forest (5) - Alice in Wonderland Storyline, Incredibly difficulty if you do not have a good, balanced party.

Fantasy Garden (2) - Alice in Wonderland Final Dungeon, Need a balance of strong attack and good healing.