There are 3 Classes in FL2, them being the:

  1. Warrior
  2. Mage
  3. Priest

Each of these classes have 3 advanced classess, which you can choose at level 20, when you advance your job.



The Warrior relies on the Strength Attribute, and is excellent for 1 on 1 combat. The warrior deals decent physical damage, and the recommended race for playing the warrior would be Dwarves. Warriors and durable with high HP, and can soak up damage.

Warriors can progress into the Great Swordsman , Dark Knight , or Beast Warrior 2nd Classes.



Priests rely on Spirit for their healing spells and buffs. Priests are of course, a support class, and should be kept behind their pets so as to try and avoid taking damage while supporting the party. Priests have the lowest amount of HP among all the classes, and should focus on defence and healing.

Priests can advance to the Guardian , Sacred King or Wandering Monk 2nd Classes.



Mages specialise in magic attacks. They borrow the elemental powers of the Gods to deal damage to their enemies. Having a higher amount of HP than Priests, Mages still should not be on the front lines, and should be behind their pets to reduce incoming damange. Mages have access to powerful spells, and the damage they dish out is usually some of the highest.

Mages can advance to the Witch Doctor , Wizard or Conjurer 2nd Classes.