Below you will find a list of Eudemons (Monsters) by map, and their locations. Keep in mind; Even if you start the battle with a specific monster -  it can be any of the other monsters in that general area.

Name Map Element
Fairy of Charm Jean Village Dark
Braised Radish Jack's House Fire
Golden Cat Jack's House Metal
House Keeper Chicken Jack's House Earth
Sesame mouse Jack's House Dark
Mouse (Rare) Jack's House No Element
Little Swallow (Ultra Rare) Jack's House No Element
Bounty Little Crow Green Pea Sky Metal
Blue Scales Pterosaur Green Pea Sky Water
Malachite Pegasus Green Pea Sky Wood
Strange Totem Rock Green Pea Sky Light
Little Angel of Hope Green Pea Sky Wood
Cotton Sheep Green Pea Sky Light
Freedom little crow (Rare) Green Pea Sky No Element
Cursed Dragon (Ultra Rare) Green Pea Sky No Element
Green tea Donut Amusement Park Wood
Simple Bobcat Amusement Park Earth
Sporty Turnip Amusement Park Fire
Ice Turnip Amusement Park Light
Child Winnie Amusement Park Wood
Black Bear Amusement Park Dark
Bubble Kangaroo Amusement Park Water
Flying Chicken Amusement Park Water
Forest Cat Amusement Park Wood
Song of Chicken (Rare) Amusement Park No Element
Prison Bear (Ultra Rare) Amusement Park No Element
Independant Soldiers Building Blocks Maze Earth
Honey Gingerbread Building Blocks Maze Metal
Jungle Wolf Building Blocks Maze Wood
Vicious Skull Building Blocks Maze Dark
Ghost Building Blocks Maze Metal
Colorful Surprise Box (Rare) Building Blocks Maze No Element
Halloween Turnip (Ultra Rare) Building Blocks Maze No Element
Violence Rabbit Alice's House Fire
Water Turnip Alice's House Water
Weird Cactus (Rare) Alice's House No Element
Alice's House No Element
Forest Rabbit Rabbit Hole Wood
Green Scorpion Rabbit Hole Wood
White Spider Rabbit Hole Light
Diablo Scorpion Rabbit Hole Dark
Mud Frog Rabbit Hole Earth
Coloured Spider (Rare) Rabbit Hole No Element
Iron Scorpion (Ultra Rare) Rabbit Hole No Element
Water Dragonfly Fantasy Fairyland Water
Golden Butterfly Fantasy Fairyland Metal
Friendly Elk Fantasy Fairyland Water
Green Swallow Fantasy Fairyland Wood
Violence Monkey Fantasy Fairyland Fire
Gold-Plated Owl Fantasy Fairyland Metal
Colorful Snake (Rare) Fantasy Fairyland No Element
Stable Owl (Ultra Rare) Fantasy Fairyland No Element

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