So you are interested in joining the online community, for some this may be your very first online game. Welcome to the basics page, where you will find some information that can possibly help you with, not only Fairyland 2, but other games as well. For the most part, the information will focus on this game in particular.

Fairyland 2 is not a web game, which means you will have to download a client from the website. You will also have to create an account  on the website to be able to play after the game is downloaded,installed and updated successfully.

After logging into the game, you will have to choose a server, then create a character, as you can see below you can customize your character quite a bit. Inside the game you will have further customizations such as clothes and armor.

Character Creation interface

After you have chosen your name, appearance, race, class and gender - click done. That's all that is too it, you will be back on the character selection screen, click Enter game and your ready to begin playing! 

Choosing a raceEdit

There are three different races in the game, each with their own characteristics.


With their abundant love for nature and faith in Gods, the Spirit of Humans is higher than the rest of the races. They are best known as Priests, as their high level of Spirit can bring blessings and provide protection to those around them. Humans are usually focused towards team buffs and enemy debuffs.

Initial attributes

  • Strength 6
  • Dexterity 3
  • Constitution 4
  • Intelligence 7
  • Spirit 10


Elves are gifted with the power of magic and posessess a higher level of intelligence. They are also known to be Mages. Despite being weak in physical, Elves can wield powerful magic to attack their enemies from far. 

Initial attributes

  • Strength 3
  • Dexterity  6
  • Constitution 4
  • Intelligence 10
  • Spirit 7


Dwarves have a higher level of Endurance as compared to Humans and Elves. They are the Warriors who has the strongest physical and have the ability to deal heavy physical blows to their opponents. This, makes them almost undefeatable.

Initial attributes

  • Strength 10
  • Dexterity  4
  • Constitution 7
  • Intelligence 3
  • Spirit 6